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4 Reasons Why Orange Realty Group Recommends Professional Property Inspections

Maintenance: The Key to Property Management with Confidence

Every investment requires routine maintenance. You wouldn’t feel safe in a vehicle that has not been properly maintained.  However, plenty of property owners do not have a system in place to maintain and inspect their property. Attempting to maintain a long-term real estate investment on your own will not only create more work for you, but it could also cost you thousands.

Be Proactive: Save Your Tenants and Yourself from Unnecessary Headaches

Renters may not be able to detect issues with the house until an expensive home repair is needed. Many of these potential problems can be identified, mitigated, or even prevented altogether when you use a capable inspection team to protect your investment. Your property is valuable. Keep it that way.

Be Aware: Know What is Happening in Your Property

Most tenants follow the rules, but the reality is that some do not follow them.  Inspecting the property is the easiest way to be aware of what is happening on the property.  These inspections also show the tenant that you care about how the property is maintained.

Checkout Time is Not the Right Time for Surprises

The worst time to discover a major lease violation (smoking, unauthorized pets, etc.) is at the end of the lease. Regular inspections will help you address lease violations before they damage your investment. Orange Realty Group Professional Property Inspections will keep you informed on the status of your property and will assure you that when a new tenant moves in there isn’t a surprise waiting for them.

Regular inspections show your tenants that you care. Good tenants are much more likely to stick with you if you maintain the property well. Property management can be a rewarding and profitable investment when done with care.