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What Color Should You Paint Your Rental Home?

A question we are often asked as one of the leading Las Vegas Property Management Companies is, “What color should I paint my rental home?” A color that is trendy today will be outdated tomorrow. Some colors may seem great to you, but will your tenants like them? Is it a color that can be easily touched up or cleaned if something happens to the wall? Orange Realty Group wants you to feel confident with your color choice and we are here for you should you have any questions about your rental.

Keep it Neutral

When choosing a color, try to keep it neutral, not too dark or too light. You may love the look of a deep red “accent wall”, or a country blue kitchen, but it can turn away prospective tenants who don’t like those colors or styles. It is difficult for tenants to picture their belongings in the home if it is personalized to your tastes. Tan or off-white are great go-to colors to keep your home neutral yet inviting. Bright white may look nice and clean to you, but stark and clinical to your tenants. Look for tones that are warm and earthy to keep the space feeling welcoming.

Orange Realty Group also suggests choosing a finish that is durable and easy to clean for tenants. This is especially true if the tenants have children or pets. Any rental property will need to be repainted periodically but picking the right finish will help in between to keep the walls looking good.

How Orange Realty Group Can Help

As the property management company Las Vegas rental property owners turn to time and again for help with their properties we’ve learned a thing or two about what tenants are looking for. Making your home rent-ready is part of the equation to reducing the amount of time your property could be vacant. From painting, to seasonal maintenance, to rent collection, Orange Realty Group does it all. Give us a call today to hear about all our services! 702-617-0000