For years, Orange Realty Group has worked hard to professionally represent the buyers, sellers, and real estate investors of southern Nevada.

With a reputation for integrity and honesty, our partners in the brokerage community, as well as our clients, know they can count on us for a high-level of service and commitment.

Our team works primarily with Las Vegas Real Estate Investors. Being Las Vegas residents ourselves, our team has a deep and broad knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market.

Plus, we love what we do!

Our clients are investors looking for stable, long-term cash flow positive properties and properties with upside to them that may be in need of some work or are mismanaged. We work with investors buying or selling single family, multifamily and commercial real estate.

Las Vegas has some very exciting developments on the horizon which should boost our overall economy. Local job and population growth both look healthy.

With the national and global economies continuing to perform well, Las Vegas should continue to outperform most markets. For the right asset, now is a great time to buy and with the right plan in place, it can also be a great time to sell.

Being an investor himself, our owner and Principal Broker, Jason Mattson, knows exactly what is important to look for in a real estate investment. Offering a diverse array of services, both in real estate investment and management, the team at Orange Realty Group has a discerning eye for a sound investment.

This might be Las Vegas, but we are not in the business of gambling with our clients’ money. Like we always say, it is better to pass on a potentially poor investment and win, then roll the dice and lose.

In fact, one of the guiding principles of the Orange Realty Group investment team is ‘always invest with an exit strategy’. The markets can swing in ways that even the best investor can’t predict and it is important to protect yourself and your money.

Orange Realty Group truly is the A-Z brokerage team for any real estate investor. From acquiring the asset and managing it to handling the sale process when the time comes — we handle it all.

But, we are much more than just a team of professionals who will handle the actionable items — any brokerage firm can do those things for you.

We will also help any investor, from the novice to the professional, with the decision-making process. From drafting accurately projected cash flow models to conducting cost vs. benefit analysis tailored to your specific situation and resources, we have the experience needed to add huge value to any investment plan.

Each investor has his or her own unique situation. Helping you with an individual strategy that will maximize your results is what is important to us.