Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services


At Orange Realty Group, we value relationships and strive to improve ourselves at every opportunity.  With a roster of over 50 agents, we’ll have someone who works best with you.  Our philosophy of win-win is the foundation of our business practices.

Creating the Win!

With win-win in mind, our practice is to inform, educate, and prepare our clients to enter the current market- whenever that is.   Whether you’re a first time home buyer, seasoned buyer, or selling your property, Orange is there for you.  Our clients can count on us to provide the foundation to get them the best of the deal, and/or provide the suggestions that increase the likelihood of getting top dollar for their property.

Staying in Our Lane!

Real Estate is what we focus on, and we partner with top professionals in the industry to provide our clients with full circle service.  Each year there are changes in lending and title that can affect your transaction.  Our commitment is to make sure that our clients can get the answers needed, and from those who are at the top of their profession.

Relationships for Life!

Our intention is to be your one stop for real estate.  In order to do that, we focus on building relationship.  Understanding our clients and their “why’s” for buying or selling support us tremendously in our success.  Relationship also means being willing to provide the right information even if it’s certain to be different than what a client understands or desires.   This willingness is certainly responsible for our consistent flow of referral and repeat business.

Real Challenges Deserve Real Solutions

Sometimes we face situations that leave us less than prepared for our next purchase or listing.  We have agents who have years of experience in short sales.  It’s important to have a road map to navigate through these times; and moreover, to have the plan to get to where you can choose to buy again- or not.  The key idea is that it would be up to YOU!

Credit is complicated, yet can be tamed and used for your benefit.  We have the professional relationships in place to get you to the next level, and the dedication to wait until it’s your time.

Real Estate That’s Refreshing! 

This is our motto.  Success equals putting people first by building relationships that last.

This is Orange Realty Group- real people caring about real people- now, that is REFRESHING!