Maintenance Division Services, Unbundled Services & Other Extraordinary Special Services

Maintenance Division Services, Unbundled Services & Other Extraordinary Special Services

Due to having our own outstanding in-house maintenance division, Orange Realty is able to offer exceptional extra value added handy-man and maintenance services for Owners and Tenants.  We have superior programs such as the preventative Springtime A/C tune-up special, the winterization program, the mandatory Tenant furnace and filter replacement program, and three internal and external property protection inspection programs for Owners.  We are also capable of fully rehabbing properties for Investors.  For an updated listing of all the extraordinary programs we offer, or to learn more, please feel free to ask.

We recognize a minority of our clients don’t want “Standardized Full-Management Services” – they want to handle most of the property management duties themselves. This is perfectly OK with us, for those brave of heart.  For the investor-owner who just want a bit of assistance in specific tasks from time to time, we can help.  We offer the following services as stand-alone options, at the rates below:

Property MLS, Website, and Internet Listing $400
One Time Full Leasing Service $1,500*
Full Property Inspection (interior and exterior) with Report & pictures $345
Drive-by property inspection w/photos (exterior only) $75
Market study of vacant property to determine rental value $425
Vacant property security check (weekly) $175/ea.
Other Property Management Requirements Ask Us


We can also handle many special or custom type services requested by our Clients, such as: appeals of Homeowners Association Violations and/or Fines, Insurance Claims Handling/Oversight, eviction Court preparations and appearances.  Each of the “Special Services” provided by Orange Realty Group is on an as-needed basis according to a specific agreement. Our hourly rate for these types of services range from $75 to $125. Detailed accounting of hours spent will be routinely provided to the owner. For a current listing of Custom services, please see our Orange Realty Property Management Owner’s Manual, and don’t be afraid to ask for any other services where we might be able to assist you.

*One Time Full Leasing Service

Who is this program for?

  • Landlords who want to manage the home themselves with direct interaction with the tenant
  • Landlords who need marketing and tenant screening services
  • Landlords who have already identified a tenant and need a professional lease agreement
  • Landlords who can perform their own rent collections
  • Landlords who are not sure if they want or need a management company

How much does this program cost?


Is there a leasing commission paid to other Realtors?

YES – Orange Realty Group will cover the leasing commission out of the total payment of $1,500.00.

What do you do in this program?

1) Assess the rental home and recommend a potential monthly asking price
2) Market the home on the GLVAR MLS and All of Our Websites
3) Use HD Pictures for Marketing
4) Install a Sign and Lockbox on the Home
5) Collect and Screen Applications
6) Present Applications to Owner for Review
7) Draft and Sign a Lease Agreement
8) Arrange for the tenant to move into the home
9) Turnover all tenant funds and contact information to Owner

What if I want Full Service Management later on?

We get this question a lot. In this program, the lease can be converted to our Full-Service Property Management Agreement at any time. Any fees paid up to that point will be credited towards the owner.