Prior to Move-In

Prior to Move-In

Signing Your Lease

Thank you for renting with Orange Realty Group. We are excited to have you aboard. Your lease has been prepared and is being sent to you shortly for your signatures. Prior to signing, please click the link below and watch the short video. After you have viewed the video (all tenants), please send an email to your property manager to confirm you have watched it. Once your viewing has been confirmed, we will forward the lease to your email via our electronic signature system.

Renters Insurance

Thank you for renting a home with Orange Realty Group.

Orange Realty Group requires you to get renters insurance.

We have created a short video which will help you understand the benefits of obtaining renter’s insurance.

If you would like a referral to insurance agents who provide renter’s insurance, please call your property manager. You may also call your insurance provider for more information or a referral.


Please see our video at the link below regarding your utilities. This is important information.

Thanks for renting with Orange Realty Group

Move-In Inspection

Thanks for renting with Orange Realty Group Please watch this important video about your move-in inspection. It will help you understand the purpose of the inspection and what to inspect.