Maintenance Request Reporting 24/7

Maintenance Request Reporting 24/7

Orange Realty Group, LLS values its tenants. 

We make communicating maintenance requests easy and stress free!

If you’re a resident with a maintenance issue, please login to your online portal to report the issue. If the problem is causing damage or affecting your safety, dial (702) 756-1763 to reach our 24/7 maintenance team.

Our tenants can report maintenance requests to us 24/7.

Please remember the following when thinking about reporting rental home maintenance: tenants are responsible for basic home maintenance like bulb, battery, and filter replacements, simple wear-and-tear, simple drain clogs, etc. Please refer to your lease for details.

  • Please attempt basic troubleshooting before reaching out to us, as there is always a technician service charge. There are many helpful guides to assist tenants and homeowners in troubleshooting maintenance problems online.
  • For non-emergency repairs, please use the online portal at to submit maintenance requests when possible. Describe thoroughly what the problem is, what you’ve already done to mitigate the problem, and include pictures when possible. Allow us up to a week for non-emergency repairs so that we can find the best technician to help you.
  • For repairs needing more immediate attention, such as for imminent damage or safety issues, please call our new maintenance line, at (702) 756-1763.